tash & cody

Tash and Cody are twin models, fashion stylists, designers and actresses (honestly though.. lol), hailing from the best coast, San Jose, CA.

In 2012 the twins took a chance and moved to Los Angeles, Ca in pursuit of careers in the fashion industry. "We dont want to put ourselves in a box. We're artists and want to express ourselves in so many ways. We'd rather not put a limit on the medium we use to express it."

Tash, who's background is in fashion styling, continues to style almost all of the duo's test shoots. "There's nothing better than finding a killer fit and being able to immortalize it in a photo! You can relive it over and over!" Tash signed a contract with Cody's commercial agency Photogenics LA in September of 2013. Both are currently represented in Los Angeles.

"In the end we want to change the idea of beauty in fashion and film. Tash & Cody, the brand will be iconic, we will put our stamp on an entire generation of people."


 the journey has only begun. two minds are better than one!



Photegenics LA- Commercial

MSA LA- Fashion