New to fame but not the game Tash and Cody are seasoned models with experience on both sides of the camera. By way of LA and NYC,  Tash and Cody have made their mark in commercial and fashion worlds. Time in both cities and linked to Los Angeles agency Photogenic Media, the two would eventually add commercials for Ciroc and music videos for Snoop Dogg, and beauty campaigns for Shea Moisture in Sephora stores and there latest campaign for the Google pixel 2.

Taking control of their careers, the girls utilized social media sites Instagram and Tumblr to display their styled and curated photos. They'd gain the attention and “likes” of hundreds of thousands of millennial and eventually the producer's of Vh1 America's Next Top Model. With an all new panel and focus on being a boss, business, and brand, Tash and Cody fit the bill.

Now independent T&C are using their freedom to collaborate with other budding artists in the industry. Whether it be directing shoots for small brands or dreaming up major motion pictures, the two have big ideas to match their big potential.Two individuals but one brand, Tash and Cody don't fit the typical twin carbon copy dynamic. These two are opposites in a yin and yang kind of way. With high fashion looks and humble attitudes, tash and cody are a refreshing take on today's fashion model. Fearless and eager  to take break industry standards.  These two are ready to show the world their versatility. 



We're artists and want to express ourselves in so many ways. We'd rather not put a limit on the medium we use to express it.

-Tash & Cody