dont go.

... If you only knew how my fingers etch your silhouette into oblivious flesh...


i've always hated writing, i've always felt that i was this sort of straight-to-the-point girl. No embellishments, no exaggerations, no fat. Boy, was i wrong. I was honestly just lazy, ok!? i admit it. Now grammar, thats a different issue. i have no regard for grammar, sorry but not sorry. Spelling, not so much of an issue (I'm a baby stickler on spelling).

I made a new years resolution to write in a journal everyday, but then i laughed. So then, i made a resolution to write as much as i could and that sounded so much more like me. Any who, i've realized that not everyone i know is aware of the healthy amount of dark humor that envelopes my brain; So yeah, i warned you :)





hey there. tash here.


I'm going to keep the is short, sweet and mysterious:)

thanks for visiting our site. this is a rough draft. but a great place to view our portfolio. I've styled almost all of our looks! theres more to come!